Evelyn F. Folorunsho

The lactation training program in 2014/2015 was a valued course that brought me up to the desired knowledge and impacted me in current principles and evidenced based facts necessary for acceptance into the certification of lactation consultant examination, and the overall experience was worth it.
Furthermore, it led me to the acquisition of certification as a lactation consultant in October 2015 by the International Board of Lactation Consultant (IBLC).
There were several qualities on the way the course was taught that I would like to point out. The instructors and educators demonstrated high knowledge and experience in the way they taught the course, the course modules were easy to understand and comprehensive. The scope provided information required by international lactation training board and relevant to practice, and this gives confidence to practice. The time frame of the training was adequate, and the work load was manageable. Learning was enhanced by videos and pictures, and review questions which were part of the lectures, enhanced the learning process.
However, clinical hands- on practice or observation for training will be a great addition to this wealth of knowledge.
Finally, standing in the position of a resource person and analumnus of the training program, I make a request for more models to facilitate training.

Evelyn F. FolorunshoRN, RM, Midwife Educator / IBCLC
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